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“Lyboussakis Tug Union” by keeping the same quality and by constantly updating its means and substructures based upon international developments, has as a mission to continue offering its services in the shipping market aiming at coverage of 80% of the activities in the harbor of Piraeus. Moreover, our company aims to expand in other ports both in Greece and abroad.


Whether it is berthing, unberthing or assisting your vessel in open seas, Lyboussakis provides unsurpassed service.


Lyboussakis, an experienced marine service contractor, provides the vital link between ship and berth. Experienced crew, man our tugs and assist thousands of ships in the ports of our territory of activity. We have gained ample experience in providing towage services to all kinds of ships.
While national and international standards are continuously developing to higher levels, we have a longstanding record of being able to keep up with those developments. Our task is to provide competitive services and our tugs are compliant with the industry’s requirements and legal obligations.


Lyboussakis is successfully involved in emergency response, wreck removal operations and environmental care services.


Lyboussakis is one of the well-known salvage companies, offering marine emergency response coverage, with specialized equipment and experts, able to respond to incidents anywhere & anytime in the world. Our communication center in Neo Ikonio, Piraeus operating on 24x7 basis, as well as our strong and reliable co-operations all around the globe, guarantees immediate response and efficient service.
The company's expert personnel, includes selected advisors, consultants, salvage masters and salvage teams (naval architects, divers and technicians). This group of experts, supported by our specialized equipment, forms an ideal combination for every kind of salvage operations.

Environmental Support

Lyboussakis provides environmental solutions to numerous marine casualties involving ships and/or their cargoes.


Lyboussakis provides environmental solutions to numerous marine casualties involving ships and/or their cargoes and have effectively prevented the pollution of the marine environment by oil, lubricants, chemicals and wastes. Lyboussakis delivers a full range of services including ship-to-ship/ship-to-shore cargo transfer, deep water oil recovery, tank cleaning, salvage and disposal of hazardous cargoes, refloating, towage, wreck removal, marine and salvage consultancy, environmental consultancy and contingency planning.

Offshore support

We are able to provide services and solutions to offshore oil and gas installations operating in exploration and production activities.


Nowadays offshore oil and gas installations face the increasing challenges of providing ample and tested technical solutions while addressing environmental challenges presented by deep sea operations in remote areas and hostile environments. While some of the well-known operators of the industry have decided to operate in the Hellenic Seas, our company, together with our strong co-operators (OSRA), is offering a range of services in support of protecting and safeguarding the marine environment in offshore, inshore as well as in coastal waters, in assessing environmental impacts while satisfying such an ever changing, stricter [and very demanding] regulatory framework.


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